Forkd on TechCrunch UK got a great writeup in TechCrunch UK this morning.

We are open!

Since our invite-only feta testing period opened last October, we’ve had a steady stream of new recipes and chefs, lots of feedback and made many improvements to Forkd.

So we’re happy to announce that we’re opening Forkd for public registrations! If you’ve not yet signed up, please do, or if you know of someone who might like it, let them know. And if you have a blog, spread the word!

To all our chefs: thanks for the great recipes and all your suggestions so far! Please keep them coming. Meanwhile, we’re still beavering away in the kitchen making Forkd even better.

Of activities, feeds, and brushes

The Forkd kitchen have cooked up another batch of new features:

  • Activity Panel
    You’ll find it on the home page when you log in. Now we’ll tell you interesting things that have happened to your recipes and your favourite chefs’ recipes.
  • Feeds
    We now aim to feed you in more ways than one. We’ve added RSS feeds to the activity page, everyone’s recipes and your favourite chefs’ recipes so you can keep an eye on what’s happening through your favourite feed reader.
  • Change Message
    When you change someone’s recipe by forking it and editing it, you can now add a short description of what you have done and why.
  • Blog to WordPress
    Now you can blog your recipes to your WordPress blog, too.
  • People Search
    The Forkd community is growing. You can now search through the chefs by name.
  • Tag Brush
    We’ve enabled the Tag Brush on your recipes to make it easier for you to add tags (because tags are good). What does it do? Why not try it out?

Well, those are the main changes. There have been many other smaller changes and bug fixes behind the scenes too. As always, please let us know what you think via the contact form.

More new features from the Forkd kitchen

We’ve been beavering away over the cold winter weeks, and there are a bunch of important new features today:

  • You can now post your Forkd recipe to Blogger. Just click Blog It at the top of a recipe and follow the instructions. See the help for more details. Let us know which blog platform you’d like us to support next!
  • Although we love Flickr, we realise not everyone has an account there (or want to have lots of photos of food in it.) You can now upload photos directly to Forkd too.
  • There’s a search form on every page now. OK, so we thought everyone would find the search form on the recipe listing page. Boy, were we wrong.
  • We’ve changed the way that the People pages work. You can now browse through the full list of everyone on Forkd if you are curious, or filter them based on your contacts as before.
  • There have also been a few bug fixes here and there. Hey, no-one’s perfect.

Thanks to all you forkers out there (over 100 of you now) we have over 120 original recipes to date. Why not stick your fork in and try some? You could even change the recipe and see what everyone thinks of your improvements.

Don’t forget you can invite people to join in too. (And if no-one’s invited you yet, just ask us.)